Finding Walden in 2012…2013?

As I stated in my ‘about me’, this blog is primarily intended to help me archive information I find on the internet that is of interest or related to my current degree (BA Sustainable Development). However, the further into my subjects I get, the more persistant the thought becomes that if I ever want to “do something” with my degree in the future (for example change the world etc!), then I should probably start with changing myself. In less words- practise what I preach.
The paradox here I is that the issues surrounding the subject of sustainable development that most interest me are also the issues that I personally struggle with. In a weird way I feel that this is why I feel so strongly about finding a solution.
For myself personally, I feel that to live a more sustainable life, to better care for  and protect the environment and the people who live within it, we need to make radical cultural, systematic, political and lifestyle changes. I believe that these changes need to start at a personal level. To change the way we think about the environment and how we choose to participate within our homes and communities.
This brings me to how I want to change myself.
I believe that I make fairly conscious ‘green’ choices on a daily basis. In the supermarket that means buying accredited environmentally friendly products (with the help of my iphone app ‘the green supermarket guide’), buying seasonal food when it is possible, not driving a car, recycling properly, keeping an eye on the way I use electricity (turning lights off etc), not using excess plastic, buying local when I can and voting for political parties who have strong policies on environmental protection issues.
But is this really enough to qualify?
I don’t believe so.
Over the time that I will use this blog I want to set myself personal challenges.
In the next few blogs I will outline my main challenges and how I will develop a way to implement them into my life.
I will give myself a deadline of September 2013 to have made these changes a reality.
By doing this I am hoping to improve my own life, and for those who may be reading, highlight ways in which we can all make better (and hopefully easy) choices about the way that we live and treat our environment.



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